The Attributed Conversion Column

We all know how frustratiing it can be to look at reports without knowing 100% to which campaigns should the conversions be attributed. While we solved this puzzle by improving and reporting conversions, beyond the iOS 14 tracking restrictions, there is one big hidden piece of data that is always missing.

And that’s the big question:

  1. In AnyTrack you know how many conversions are attributed to a campaign.
  2. In Google Ads or Facebook Ads – you see a number of attributed conversions- which can difer from the data from AnyTrack due to the attribution delays from Facebook and Google.
  3. So what is the missing part of the puzzle?

In a nutshell, what you’ve got is a gap between what was succesfully attributed by Google or Facebook, and the actual number of conversions that should have been attributed to those ads.

What are the new attribution columns and how to look at them:

  1. The attributed resiults column: This column shows the conversions succesfully attriubuted in Google or Facebook
  2. The Other results : This column shows the conversions that AnyTrack attributed to your campaigns, and sent to Google / Facebook.
  3. All Results : This column shows the total conversions that could be attributed to your campaigns

This feature is available for Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns and support for Bing, Taboola, and Outbrain will follow soon.

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