How to track and Measure your
comparison website ROI.

Comparison website playbook

Comparison website tracking

It’s no secret that comparison website are highly converting assets. In today’s environment, consumers search, compare and aim to get the best possible deal. Whether for a B2B software, a loan or a credit card, savvy consumers make informed decisions.

In this playbook, you will learn how accurate and full measurement of customer journey will allow you to scale and improve your website revenues. 

The Tracking Flow

Learn about the optimal traffic and tracking flow of a comparison website.

How to get started

How to set up your stack to track your comparison website in 5 easy steps.

Step by step

How AnyTrack tracks your comparison website's ROI.

Here is how we connect the dots between your traffic sources, website, analytics and affiliate networks.

A person visits your site
Because you have AnyTrack TAG on your site, traffic and anonymous user data is being collected for further processing and attribution.

Data collection:
  • UTM Parameters
  • Session ID
  • User-Agent
  • Cookies
  • User ID
Visitors Click on CTAs
Tracking user engagements is key to optimize your site's performances and build custom audiences for retargeting. AnyTrack Auto-Track & Auto-Tag features instantly track your outbound clicks, and seamlessly add subid & tracking to offer/ product links.

Auto-Track: Automatically sends engagement events to your analytics and ad network's pixels.

Auto-Tag: Automatically appends subid's to offer links.

Redirect-less: Publish direct links or deep-links

Affiliate Networks Catalog
Rich conversion data
When your visitors convert for one of the offers, AnyTrack receives the conversion data from the affiliate network.

Rich Conversion Data:
  • Conversion Type: Lead, Sale, CPA
  • Transaction ID: order id,
  • Conversion Value: USD, 25.00
  • Offer Name: Norton, Total AV
  • Conversion Status: Approved, Pending
Conversion Tracking Software for paid campaigns
Traffic source attribution
Tracking your customer's journey is key to optimizing your site, traffic and campaigns. AnyTrack automatically syncs every conversion goals with Google Analytics (and others analytics) with rich conversion data, so you can benefit from advanced audiences segments.

AnyTrack enables you to:

  • Track the entire customer journey
  • Automate custom audience building
  • Track rich conversion data

How to set up AnyTrack with your comparison website.

AnyTrack setup

Get Started with AnyTrack

To start tracking your website, you first need to add the AnyTrack TAG in the head section of your site.

Then, connect your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, which will allow AnyTrack to send conversions to each analytics platform.


  • You can install it with Google Tag Manager
  • You don’t need to code anything.
AnyTrack setup

Connect with your affiliate networks

AnyTrack provides you with a rich catalog of affiliate network integrations. 

  1. Select the affiliate network
  2. Copy the pre-configured postback URL
  3. Paste the postback URL in your affiliate account

Note: Selected networks are connected via API. (CJ, Rakuten, Flexoffers)

Link tracking


Auto-track automatically collects clicks, and form submissions from your site, without writing code and sends it to your marketing & analytics tools.
Options to update your links if you use a redirect plugin or cloacker: Update the rel attribute with the network’s name.

Ex: impact, hasoffers, cj, clickbank

Want to promote your comparison site on Google Ads?

Google Ads Settings

Google Ads Account Settings

Since tracking starts with accurate click tracking, you need to update two settings in your Google Ads account. Both settings will apply across your account and will guarantee that Google passes all the required tracking parameters.

  • The Tracking URL template
  • The Auto-Tag Settings
Note: The Tracking URL template is located in your AnyTrack account, under traffic sources.
Google Ads Settings

Conversion setup

There are several configurations that you need to perform before you track and optimize your campaigns based on your Phonexa conversions.

  • Import conversions from Google Analytics
  • Configure the imported conversions
    • Conversion type (i.e. purchase, lead)
    • Attribution window

Note: Google Analytics conversion goals were created when you connected your Google Analytics account in AnyTrack.

Google ads settings

Campaign settings

Now that your account is properly set up, you can create your campaigns, set your bid strategy and select the conversions you want to optimize the campaign with:

  • Select your bid strategy
  • Select the Conversion Goal(s)
Note: you can create several campaigns, each optimized for a different conversion goal.
Google ads settings

Ad Setup

The last step of the campaign setup is your ad and specifically the Final URL.

Reminder: The Final URL is the page that visitors reach when clicking on your ad.

Since you’ve previously added the tracking URL template and enabled Auto-Tagging, you simply have to add your landing page URL to your ad.

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