Facebook Conversion API, simplified.

Whether conversions happen on your site, across domains, or in an affiliate network, AnyTrack instruments your data and sends it to Facebook.

facebook conversion api

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Plug & Play integration with the Facebook Conversion API

AnyTrack seamlessly integrates with any funnel builders, landing pages, or CMS so you can start firing conversions to the Facebook Conversion API in minutes.

You are now fully equipped with the right tools, and the right data so you can focus on marketing, and not on the tech stuff.

When you add the AnyTrack TAG to your site, AutoTrack starts collecting traffic data, engagement events and automatically forwards tracking parameters (SubIds) to your product and offer links.

One Click authentication with Facebook, and select the Pixel ID you want to connect with.

One-Click integration with over 90 conversion sources such as affiliate networks, eCommerce Platforms or funnel builders.


Start collecting data in minutes

Whether you are currently running campaigns, or you’re just starting up, AnyTrack seamlessly connects with the  Facebook API and enriches your audience data with conversions from any sources.


90+ One-Click integrations!

With the push of a button, connect with eCommerce platforms, affiliate networks, and funnel builders.

AnyTrack ingests your conversion data from any sources, and translates it to standard Facebook Events, so that you can leverage the entire Facebook dataset to build audiences, and improve your campaigns.

Leverage Conversion Data

Custom & Lookalike Audiences

The Facebook Conversion API enables you to build audiences out of any conversion data tracked via AnyTrack. 

There’s no limit to what you can achieve, when you can target your audiences in their buying journey, or retarget them with additional offers.

facebook conversion api

Measure your paid and organic traffic with a single TAG


Improve your campaigns KPI, Quality Score, and metrics by attributing conversion data to your campaigns.


Tie Conversion & Revenues to your SERP so you can invest resources according to revenue driven metrics.

Social Media

Identify with 100% accuracy how social media channels impact your bottom line, so you can invest in the right channels.

Content Marketing

Know what value each piece of content drives to your business and try new content ideas with confidence.

Display Advertising

Amplify the value of your campaigns using custom audiences based on conversion data.

Native Ads

Use real conversion metrics to optimize your site's performance and improve your ROI across all your marketing channels.

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