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Facebook Conversion API, simplified.

AnyTrack is a real-time conversion tracking platform that connects your entire marketing funnel with the Facebook Conversion API.

Facebook conversion api
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If you’re looking to step up your marketing game, advanced  marketing tools like AnyTrack can help you speed things up and get better results. 

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Facebook Conversion API Overview

Guide: Facebook Conversion API

Plug & Play integration with the Facebook Conversion API

AnyTrack seamlessly integrates with any funnel builders, landing pages, or CMS so you can start firing conversions to the Facebook Conversion API in minutes.

You are now fully equipped with the right tools, and the right data so you can focus on marketing, and not on the tech stuff.

When you add the AnyTrack TAG to your site, AutoTrack starts collecting traffic data, engagement events and automatically forwards tracking parameters (SubIds) to your product and offer links.

One Click authentication with Facebook, and select the Pixel ID you want to connect with.

One-Click integration with over 90 conversion sources such as affiliate networks, eCommerce Platforms or funnel builders.


Start collecting data in minutes

Whether you are currently running campaigns, or you’re just starting up, AnyTrack seamlessly connects with the  Facebook API and enriches your audience data with conversions from any sources.

Facebook conversion api
Facebook conversion api


90+ One-Click integrations!

With the push of a button, connect with eCommerce platforms, affiliate networks, and funnel builders.

AnyTrack ingests your conversion data from any sources, and translates it to standard Facebook Events, so that you can leverage the entire Facebook dataset to build audiences, and improve your campaigns.

Leverage Conversion Data

Custom & Lookalike Audiences

The Facebook Conversion API enables you to build audiences out of any conversion data tracked via AnyTrack. 

There’s no limit to what you can achieve, when you can target your audiences in their buying journey, or retarget them with additional offers.

Facebook conversion api

Facebook Conversion API Features

Facebook conversion api

Improved Attribution

AnyTrack leverages more than 30 data points to provide they most accurate attribution data to the Facebook API.

Facebook conversion api

Real-time Tracking

Track and syncs conversions in real-time so you can make informed decisions, at every stage of your campaign funnel.

Facebook conversion api

UTM Tracking

Leverage the entire campaign dataset across your marketing tools and deliver consistant copy on all platforms.

Facebook conversion api

Real-time Audience

Target the right audiences with the right ads at the right time. Build razor targeted audiences in real-time and improve ROI.

Facebook conversion api

ROAS Reporting

Don't wait for Facebook reports to make decisions. AnyTrack realtime reporting gives you the data you need, when you need it.

Facebook conversion api

Cross Platform Data

Run data driven marketing campaigns across ad platforms, and activate audiences segments where you want, when you want.

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Facebook Conversion API FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about Facebook Conversion API

To pass conversion data to the Facebook Conversion API, you should use a service like AnyTrack which is part of the a Facebook Business Partner ecosystem.

Or you can hire a developer to implement the Facebook Conversion API manually.

To manually set the Facebook Conversion API, you need to implement the conversion api following the Facebook Developer guidelines. 

The Facebook Conversion API works like the Facebook Pixel, but instead of sending conversion data by loading the facebook pixel on your pate, you send the conversion data directly from your server.

Because the facebook conversion api does not rely on the browser to load the facebook pixels, and instead sends the conversion data from a server, the data cannot be blocked by ad blockers, or browser privacy restrictions. Therefore, when using the facebook conversion api, you improve the quality of the conversion data sent to facebook, increase conversion attribution, and can better leverage facebook ads optimization.

The Facebook Conversion API is extremely complex. 

Aside from the standard facebook business requirements, you need to orchestrate both on-site data collection, server-side data processing, and unify the processed data before sending it to the Facebook Conversion API.

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