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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers about the most important aspects of Google Ads conversion tracking for affiliate marketers.

Yes. Once you start tracking your conversions in AnyTrack, you’ll be able to send your conversions to your Google Ads account.

As of May 2021, the key difference is that Google Analytics does not sync conversions from traffic coming from iOS 14 devices. 

We highly recommend to integrate both conversion tags.

Yes. AnyTrack tracks your conversions in real time, and sends them instantly to your Google Ads or Google Analytics API.

Absolutely! As long as you can place the AnyTrack tracking tag on your landing page, AnyTrack will be able to track and attribute your conversions in Google Ads.

Yes. AnyTrack is a JS tag like any other tracking tag. 

The difference, is that you do not need to customize anything in order to track clicks, conversions or sales.

Yes. AnyTrack lets you map conversions  coming from any conversion sources, to your Google Ads conversion goals.

Yes. AnyTrack sends the entire conversion data to your Google Ads account, including transaction ID, currency, and conversion value.

Yes. All our plans include a 14 days free trial.

The core differences explained on the Voluum Alternative comparison page.

  • Simple to setup
  • Support for iOS 14 update
  • Direct API Integration
  • Full redirectless tracking
  • Track one or 1000 offers – no extra setup.

Yes. AnyTrack complies with all tracking and redirect policies – since there are no redirects in the AnyTrack tracking methods.

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