Best Affiliate Tracking For Google Ads

How AnyTrack helps you make the most out of your search campaigns.

Best Affiliate Tracking For Google Ads
Initial engagement data
Visitors click on your ads
This is the moment where Google Ads sends URL parameters into your landing page.
  • UTM Parmeters
  • Keywords

These parameters are crucial to track and measure the customer journey.
Initial engagement data
landing page
AnyTrack captures the visitor's tracking info
AnyTrack on-site's magic
When visitors hit your landing page, AnyTrack collects and stores all URL parameters and generates its own session tracking data.
  • Identifies affiliate links
  • Identifies forms
  • Ties tracking data with Google Analytics and other analytics tools.
AnyTrack captures the visitor's tracking info
Best Affiliate Tracking For Google Ads
Clicks on Call to Action & Form Submissions
Analytics Events Tracking
While your visitor browse through your site, AnyTrack collects engagement events such as opt-in to your newsletters and click on Call To Actions.
  • Appends 'click_id' to affiliate links
  • Injects 'click_id' into optin forms
  • Send Events to Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel
Clicks on Call to Action & Form Submissions
Conversion Tracking Software
Visitors convert on offers
Conversion tracking
Conversions triggered in your affiliate programs are automatically sent via API or Postback URL to AnyTrack.
Conversions are sent to:
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Server-Side API
Visitors convert on offers
Google Ads affiliate tracking
Google Ads Conversion tracking
Google Ads Conversion Tracking
Once conversions are tracked in AnyTrack, they are attributed to Google Ads campaigns.

  • Automatic tracking
  • Multiple conversion goals
  • CPA optimization

Google Ads Conversion tracking


What is the difference with google analytics tracking?

Google Analytics tracks what happens on your website, while AnyTrack tracks and syncs with google analytics, what happens outside of your site. For example, in an affiliate program, or CRM, or ecommerce platform.

Why can't I use the google Ads conversion script?

The Google Ads conversion script can be added to your site, but not on external sites such as affiliate programs or offers.Therefore, it won’t help you track your conversions.

Can I use AnyTrack if i am not an affiliate?

Absolutely, AnyTrack can be used for any type of digital marketing.

Why are conversions going through Google Analytics?

By sending conversions to Google Analytics, you make the most out of your traffic as you can track conversions from Google Ads campaigns as well as other traffic sources.

Can I try Anytrack before I pay?

Yes. You can fully use the platform for 14 days before being prompted to pay. If during the 14 days you decide that AnyTrack is not for you, you can simply close your account.

Is anyTrack compliant with google policies?

Yes, we strictly follow Google Analytics and Google Ads tracking protocols, including Parallel Tracking.