Increase ROAS by retargeting engaged users in Google Ads.

How to leverage engagement data in Google Ads.

Increase the life-time value of your traffic

Increase conversions by retargeting engaged users in google ads.

The basics

We’ve all seen how retargeting ads can be effective in catching our eyes. For example after booking a flight to Paris, you miraculously see ads for rental cars or Hotels in Paris.

Combining AnyTrack data collection power, you can leverage Google Ads display network by retargeting extremely targeted audience segments.

Iterate & Scale

You can achieve growth through a variety of means. But to guarantee a consistent and long term growth, you need a data collection strategy so you can build data assets that you can use to fuel your marketing. 

Once you have your data in place, you can  apply your marketing and sales strategies to monetize it as you see fit. 

How it works:

Tools you need:

Google ads logo

Google Ads

The AnyTrack & Google Ads integration allows you to track and attribute your conversions from any conversion sources to your Google Ads account.

Google analytics

Google Analytics

The AnyTrack & Google Analytics integration enables you to sync your conversions from any conversion sources, to Google Analytics, and build custom audiences in Google Ads.

Google analytics postback integration

Google Analytics

How Google Analytics works with AnyTrack

When you connect your Google Analytics account with AnyTrack, your Google Analytics account is instantly enriched with engagement events and conversion from your affiliate networks.

Google Analytics conversion data is then synced with your Google Ads account so you can take advantage of Google Ads CPA bidding and optimization engine.

Actionable Data

Sync any type of conversion data with your Google Analytics account to instantly turn data into marketable assets.

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