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Unanimously different!

Attribution was once a walk in the park for those solely focused on Facebook, while a challenging endeavor for those navigating the multichannel marketing landscape. But then, Apple introduced the App Tracking Transparency with iOS14, and overnight, attribution became a nightmare for everyone. It’s time to change that. We’ve reimagined the entire process, introducing a new philosophy we call The AnyTrack Way. Our motivations are revealed in the manifesto below.

The Broken Attribution

Conversions no longer happen only on a thank you page. They happen everywhere – in your payment system, CRM, shop, website, funnel… Yet, the traditional tracking solutions have failed to adapt to this reality. The result? Wasted ad spend, ineffective campaigns, and a lack of understanding about what truly drives conversions. It’s time to push back. You deserve control over your data. You deserve to optimize your campaigns based on accurate, real-time conversion data. You deserve a platform that aligns with your interests. 

That’s us, that’s AnyTrack.

The Silent Giants

The giants of the industry have always been keen to claim more attribution for themselves, disregarding how other touchpoints affect attribution. Adding confusion to complexity, you were forced to give up on good data, compromise with limited tracking capabilities, or run untracked campaigns. And then came iOS14’s App Tracking Transparency, turning attribution into a living nightmare for all marketers. 

We’ve taken on that challenge.

The Confusers

In the wake of the attribution nightmare, a new breed of tracking “confusers” emerged. Some make you pay for what Google Analytics gives for free, others will tell you that your attribution report is done with a browser extension, and some others will claim they track, when in fact they simply display your data in a nice-looking report, telling you that with iOS14 it’s impossible to send data to Facebook. We’re not here to replace Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel – AnyTrack enriches these platforms with more accurate data.

Human Intelligence, Not Just Artificial

While we embrace the power of AI, we firmly believe that tracking is best when trained by human intelligence. That’s where you come in. You’re the expert at deciding your campaign’s direction, understanding your intentions, and setting things up the way you want. AI can be powerful, but it’s only as good as the data it receives. We’re not here to make lofty AI claims or to build yet another AI tool. Instead, we’re here to “prompt” the giants’ AI with the training data they need to optimize your campaigns. After all, it’s Human Intelligence that sets the course, and AnyTrack ensures it’s a course well set.

The AnyTrack Way Manifesto

Below you’ll find a list of the things we hold dear. And the premises we reject. AnyTrack is built on these foundational ideals. Here’s what we believe, here’s what matters to us.

Empowerment, Not Complexity

We believe in empowering marketers by handling the complexities of tracking so they can focus on their core competencies. AnyTrack is not just a tool, it’s a platform that puts you in control.

Trust, Not Doubt

In an era where data privacy is paramount, we ensure that our data is compliant with the latest regulations. With AnyTrack, you can trust your data again.

Uniqueness, Not Replication

We’re not here to replicate what others are doing. We’re here to revolutionize conversion tracking and attribution. There is no alternative to AnyTrack.

Simplicity, Not Complication

We’ve made the complex simple. With a no-code setup process that takes only 5 minutes, we’ve removed the barriers to effective conversion tracking.

Data-Driven, Not Guesswork

We believe in making decisions based on data, not gut feelings. AnyTrack provides real-time, accurate conversion data, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

Precision, Innovation, Strategic Thinking

Our DNA is a blend of Swiss precision, Israeli innovation, and Russian chess player strategic thinking. This unique combination drives us to create a product that transcends traditional approaches to delivers on its promises.

Only Solutions, No Excuses

In a world full of excuses and complications, we stand out by providing solutions. We don’t believe in pointing fingers at iOS14 or the complexities of multichannel marketing. Instead, we focus on finding solutions to these challenges. We’ve built a platform that not only tackles these issues head-on but does so in a way that is simple and easy to use. With AnyTrack, you won’t hear excuses – you’ll see results.

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