Affiliate Marketing Tools

Being a successful  affiliate marketer requires skills, dedication and creativity. But even if you have all those resources, you will need a variety of tools to put them in motion and eventually understand what drives success and perhaps more important failure.

We’ve compiled a list of marketing tools that will help you build and run your business as if you had a team of 10 people working for you.

email marketing



Drip is a powerful email marketing platform which combines most of the features a smart marketer will need to turn a website into a data driven marketing engine.

When you integrate Drip with AnyTrack, you instantly enrich your subscriber data with conversions coming from your affiliate networks.

You can then trigger email sequences, and upsells so you can expand the value of your subscribers.

Landing Page Builder



Building and managing landing pages is to any performance marketing campaigns. Therefore, the landing page builder you will use is going to be a key player in your team.

Beside the fact that adding the AnyTrack script to the landing page must be a simple process, the way optin forms are managed, is crucial to easy and accurate tracking.LeadPages has the required features that beginners and experienced users can use.

Domain & Security



As a marketer you always need a good domain. Whether you want to build a new site, or create a personal blog, you need a reliable domain provider, at a competitive price.

On top of their registrar, Namecheap offer a wide range of services. From security, to hosting and premium DNS, NameCheap has you covered.

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