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Integrate your affiliate network with AnyTrack and provide your affiliates with the most advanced conversion tracking capabilities.

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Why integrating with AnyTrack?

Your affiliates will love AnyTrack!

AnyTrack is the last affiliate tracking software your affiliates will use! 

Over are the days where affiliates would drive you nuts with postback tracking questions. 

AnyTrack allows affiliate marketers to integrate all affiliate networks with a single line of code. 

Seamless integration

AnyTrack handles the entire integration process in order to provide a seamless integration workflow for your affiliates.

Features built to 🚀 ROI

AnyTrack is a redirectless tracking software built to run affiliate campaigns Google Ads, Facebook, Bing and top native ad networks.

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Questions about integrating your affiliate network in AnyTrack

Every affiliate network can be integrated in AnyTrack, as long as it supports postback  / server to server tracking.

Learn more about Postback url

It usually takes less than a week from the moment you submit your application until we release the integration.

There are no costs involved. We do however require that someone from your staff be available to answer some questions, or help in testing the integration.

AnyTrack provides exclusive features that are not available in other tracking platforms. 

Your affiliates will benefit from this integration, and consequently you will to.

We announce the integration to our users as soon as it is released, and we mention integrated programs on our social media channels and blog posts. 

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