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AnyTrack automatically tracks and attributes all conversions across all your marketing and analytics channels—while simultaneously building remarketing audiences for you. So you can keep your mind off the tech and stay focused on what you do best: marketing.

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Integrates instantly with analytics, ad networks, and affiliate networks such as:

Driven by performance?
AnyTrack was built for you.

AnyTrack instantly tracks and attributes all conversions for you. From Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, to ad networks, affiliate platforms and beyond.

Easy-to-use and intuitive. Yet surprisingly robust and multi-faceted.
AnyTrack is the catalyst that lets you grow and scale whether you’re a beginner, expert, agency, or publisher. No matter your digital marketing specialty.

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SEO Content
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Because the “Thank You” page is just one step of the funnel.

You know a conversion can be any action your traffic and customers perform during the lead up to a sale. Like filling in a form or clicking on a CTA for a free trial.

Problem is, traditional tracking platforms only track one type of conversion. That, and they don’t sync the full conversion data from affiliate networks with analytics and ad networks.

And because you never have the “full picture” of your campaigns and their performance… you’re missing out on your most crucial conversion metrics and optimization opportunities.

That’s without mentioning the time wasted setting up every single tracking parameter manually. And configuring your pixels. And your analytics. Without making a single mistake…

Introducing AnyTrack

A lightweight “plug n’ go” TAG that lets you start
tracking and attributing the entire customer journey
in 5 minutes or less.

AnyTrack tracks your traffic and conversions across Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more in real-time. It then relays this crucial conversion data back to your ad and affiliate networks while automatically building remarketing audiences for you.

With AnyTrack you can finally see—with unmatched clarity—everything that happens to your traffic and customers across all your funnels. Making optimizing and improving your ROI faster and simpler.

  • Integrates with Google Ads and Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and top ad and affiliate networks
  • Just copy, paste, and connect—and AnyTrack starts tracking and attributing conversions for you, instantly

Simply plug the AnyTrack TAG into your site or funnel and you can do all this

(just like the big publishers)

Keep tabs on multiple streams of traffic, simultaneously, as they move through your funnels in real-time.

Amplify the value of each click or conversion with custom retargeting audiences generated for you automatically in each ad network.

Attribute with 100% accuracy the ads, ad networks, and social media channels that are the most profitable for you.

Easily improve KPIs, Quality Score, and multiple other metrics faster than ever.

Take advantage of ROAS or ROI bidding strategies to lower your CPC and CPAs, and scale your campaigns with total confidence.

Tie conversions and revenue to your SERP to gauge the impact of every single piece of content in your funnels.

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How AnyTrack Works

The AnyTrack TAG

Open your free account and add the AnyTrack TAG to your funnel or website.

No need to manually adjust your code or tracking parameters—just plug in the tag, that’s all there is to it.

audience building
Connect Analytics

Connect in one click with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other analytics as well as your favorite affiliate and ad networks.

See Conversions

AnyTrack immediately starts tracking and syncing.

All you have to do now is sit back, watch the conversion data roll in, and use it to grow and scale.

It’s not magic. But it sure feels like it.

See the conversions you’re missing out on

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