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Share AnyTrack with your audience and earn a recurring 15% commission for every customer you refer.

Who should join the AnyTrack affiliate program?

Anytrack affiliate program

Referral Partners

If you run a marketing blog, a Facebook Group, or own an audience that you'd like to help discover AnyTrack, you'll earn 15% of the recurring revenues of all referred subscriptions.

Anytrack affiliate program

Education Partners

If you run a course about digital marketing, AnyTrack will help your students quickly and accurately get started with conversion tracking.

Anytrack affiliate program

Integration Partners

If you want to integrate your app, ad network, or affiliate network with AnyTrack, we'll provide you with access to our tools, and pay you 15% recurring revenues of referred subscribers.

Customers and partners tell you why you should share
AnyTrack with your audience.

Why you should join AnyTrack Affiliate Program

High Conversion Rate

AnyTrack provides its customers with near instant value through an intuitive set up and realtime data.

Integration Catalog

High conversion rate delivered through an extensive Integration catalog.

Any Marketing Use Case

Whether your audience is interested in SEO, PPC or social media, AnyTrack has the tracking features for these marketing channels.

Advanced features

AnyTrack provides savvy marketers with the perfect combination of features for data driven marketing campaigns.

Easy Setup for Newbies

AnyTrack can be setup in under 5 minutes, without any tech skills.

Leverage Content

Leverage our extensive integration catalog, and embed your AnyTrack referral link with your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the questions before applying for an account.

Your referrals are tracked using the Rewardful referral platform. The platform is directly integrated in our Stripe payment processing system and commissions are calculated on the total amount generated by subscribers.

  • 30 days cookies
  • Last click attribution
  • 15% commission on subscription revenues
  • Payment from $50
  • Payment schedule 15 of the month, for the commission generated in the previous month.

Commissions amounts over the $50 threshold are paid on or around the 15th of the month.

Commissions that do not meet the $50 threshold are rolled over to the next calendar month.


Yes. As long as you meet qualifying criteria.

Please contact us so we can discuss such opportunities.

No. We have zero tolerance for such behavior. 

We pay commissions through Stripe Connect, which is directly integrated in our payment system. 

Once you’ll reach the minimum threshold, we will invite you to open an account.

Note: Stripe connect is directly connected to your bank account, so money sent through this method is directly transferred to your bank account.

Yes, under some conditions. Contact us for more info.

You can promote AnyTrack through any legal means, and as long as the traffic is being sent through your website.

For example, if you promote AnyTrack to your subscribers – visitors should be sent to your website’s before visiting AnyTrack.

If you have any doubts, please contact us.

Yes, as long as you follow these rules:

  • No bidding on AnyTrack brand or any of its variations.
  • Traffic should be first sent to your landing page / website before being sent to AnyTrack.

*This rule applies to any search engine, and in any language.

Yes, but the performance of your account will depend on the quality of your audience.

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Hours :
Min :
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