Earn Recurring Revenue
by Helping Marketers
Improve Their Campaigns ROI.

Share AnyTrack with your audience and earn a recurring 15% commission for every customer you refer.

Who should join the AnyTrack affiliate program


As a blogger or Influencer, you'd be earning recurring revenues while helping fellow marketers growing their business.

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Marketing Agencies

As an agency, you see first hand where your clients are struggling with their tracking challenges. By recommending AnyTrack to your clients, you will earn recurring revenues while helping your clients streamline their conversion tracking flow.

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Affiliate Networks

As an Affiliate Network, you know how publishers and affiliates struggle with tracking setup. Especially when they try to track their Facebook and Google Ads campaigns.

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Our Customers tell you why you should share
AnyTrack with your audience

An Unfair Advantage

You'll be promoting the next generation tracking platform, packed with exclusive features.

Promote Exclusive Features

AnyTrack core features can't be found in any other marketing platforms.

Any Marketing Angles

Whether your audience is interested in SEO, PPC or social media, AnyTrack has the tracking features for these marketing channels.

Perfect for Savvy Marketers

AnyTrack provides savvy marketers with the perfect combination of features for data driven marketing campaigns.

Easy Setup for Newbies

AnyTrack can be setup in under 5 minutes, without any tech skills.

Leverage Popular Integrations

Leverage our extensive integration catalog, and embed your AnyTrack referral link with your current content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are conversions tracked?

Your referrals are tracked using the Rewardful referral platform. The platform is directly integrated in our Stripe payment processing system.

Can I sign up for an AnyTrack account under my own referral link?


When am I being paid?

We pay the 15th of the month for referral fees of the previous month.

What are the payment methods?

We use Stripe payment gateway to issue payments. Once you’ll reach the minimum $50 threshold, you will receive an invite to open your account.

Can I offer special discount to my audience?

Yes, under certain conditions. Contact us to disuss the details.

Do you offer special marketing materials?

Yes. Contact us to learn more about the requirements.