Customer Stories

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how successful media increased facebook ads ROAS by 115% with AnyTrack and facebook conversion api
Customer Stories
Laurent Malka

Successful Media Doubled its ROAS with the Facebook Conversion API and AnyTrack

Facebook is one of the best traffic sources for performance marketers. There’s no shortage of inventory, a myriad of targeting options, ad formats, and users can be easily reached across devices, apps, and platforms.
However, in order to leverage the Facebook Ad platform and get a fair chance to reach the right audiences, marketers must feed their Facebook Pixel with quality conversion and audience data.

Conversion Data Frontline
Customer Stories

Episode #2: Stories from the conversion data frontline

Working with data can be complex, especially when you need this data to flow across your marketing ecosystem. But what if you get everything right, but can’t read your Google Analytics reports?

AnyTrack customer stories
Customer Stories
Laurent Malka

Episode 1: Stories from the tracking frontline

During the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen interesting marketing flows, customers twisting their arm instead of simply following the standard steps. Eventually, some of the support requests and the demo we ran, led us to enhance the platform to cover more marketing flows.

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