Data Driven Marketing

Learn how AnyTrack aggregates and sends your conversion data to your analytics and marketing tools so you can automate data-driven marketing campaigns at scale.

Google Analytics GA4 and AnyTrack integration
Data Driven Marketing
Laurent Malka

Unleash Your Marketing Data with AnyTrack and Google Analytics GA4

Data-driven marketing is pivotal for digital success, and Google Analytics GA4 is at its forefront. However, while GA4 excels in web traffic analysis, integrating conversions from platforms like CRM, affiliate networks, and eCommerce can be complex. Enter AnyTrack, bridging this technical gap with its robust integrations, making data import seamless. Dive into our guide on the AnyTrack and GA4 integration.

This is the traffic and conversion tracking flow that highlight how conversion data can be sent from hubspot to google ads and facebook ads through webhooks and anytrack.
Data Driven Marketing
Laurent Malka

Maximize ROAS with Customer Lifecycle Conversion Tracking

Discover how to track and attribute your customer lifecycle with ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. This comprehensive guide shows you how to use AnyTrack to send conversion data and audience data through each respective Conversion API, and outlines the traffic and data flow between ad networks, your website, and Hubspot CRM. Learn how to optimize your ad spend and improve your ad campaign attribution by mapping events to conversion actions and audiences.

top conversion tracking concepts to supercharge your marketing
Data Driven Marketing
Laurent Malka

The 10+ Essential Conversion tracking Concepts

Learn about the most important tracking concepts so you can improve your marketing by implementing advanced data driven marketing strategies.

conversion tracking facts
Data Driven Marketing
Laurent Malka

10 Useful Conversion Tracking Facts

Discover 10 conversion tracking facts that when overlooked, will cost you time, money and a good chunk of your campaign’s ROI.

Write email marketing copy that converts
Data Driven Marketing
Ori Carmely

Top 8 Tips to Write Email Marketing Copy That Converts

We all get a lot of emails. As customers, that means we have to sift through dozens of messages every single day. As email marketers, that means we have to do something to stand out amongst the dozens of messages our customers are receiving.

What is a postback URL in digital advertising
Laurent Malka

The Postback URL Ultimate Guide

A Postback URL (AKA server to server pixel) is used in digital marketing to pass conversion data between a merchant and a marketer.

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