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Frequently Asked Questions

AnyTrack supports all changes required for iOS 14.5 and sends Facebook all the required conversion data parameters. In cases where the user has opt-out of tracking, Facebook is required to discard some parameters and apply the Aggregated Event Measurement data to attribute the conversions to your ad sets.

Conversions attributed using the Aggregated Event Measurement can take up to 72 hours to display in your Ads manager.

AnyTrack Real Time attribution report:

AnyTrack provides you with real time campaign performance reports (including cost, ROAS), as well as all conversions from your conversion sources (Shopify, CRM).

The reporting suite ensure that you always have accurate campaign data, even when conversions are delayed or when Facebook can’t attribute the conversions due to iOS 14.

You can read more about it here:
How’s AnyTrack affected by the new iOS 14.5 update?
Can AnyTrack send missing iOS 14.5 conversions to Facebook?

AnyTrack dashboard should be 100% accurate and collect all the data for you. You should use AnyTrack for querying the data and making business decisions. The data on Facebook will never be 100% due to iOS 14 updates and privacy restrictions.

You can read more about this issue here:
How’s AnyTrack affected by the new iOS 14.5 update?

Yes. Since Facebook and Google de-duplicate conversions using an event_id and that AnyTrack and Shopify use a different event_id you should disconnect your current pixels from your Shopify store. You can read more about it here.

Discrepancies can happen for a number of reasons. Check  this article that outlines the main causes for attribution discrepancies.

In case that you can’t find an integration in AnyTrack’s catalog, you can add a custom integration.  Review the custom integration options here.

The 3 main settings that you can easily check to find out whether your account is properly set up are:

  • The AnyTrack TAG: Is the AnyTrack TAG on all your pages?
  • Conversion sources: Do you see errors or validations in the integration event log?
  • Pixel Integrations: Have you enabled the server-side API integration.

Follow this guide to verify your account settings.

After setting AnyTrack up, you will have to wait 2-3 days in order to see results. Your pages and ads that generated the recent sales were not being tracked in the previous days by AnyTrack and therefore the attribution is not perfect.

▶️ UTM parameter for facebook
▶️ UTM parameter for google

* Another issue is UTM parameters that should be installed in order to attribute sales.

In the next article, we provide the solution for each pixel warning. 

This can be caused for several reasons:

  1. Did you integrate your conversion source in the integration section?
    ⚠ Inserting AnyTrack code tracks your website events, but not conversions from third party conversion sources.
  2. Do you have the AnyTrack tag in the <head>  section of your website?
    ⚠ Pages without our tag will not be tracked and you will miss conversions.

You can read more about it here: Why can’t I see any conversions in AnyTrack?

Conversion data is sent to Facebook (and other pixels integrations) in real time. Yet,  each ad network has its own data processing delays.

  • Facebook – within an hour but sometimes it can take up to 72 hours. 
  • Google – between 1-24 hours depends on the conversion sources.

In order to connect your tracking pixel, your Facebook ads account should be logged in on the same browser.

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* All times are in Israel timezone (UTC+03)

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