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The missing link in your marketing Ecosystem

A plug & Play connector

AnyTrack was built from the grounds up to give performance marketers the flexibility and agility required to strive in the fast pace digital industry.


When you add the AnyTrack tag to your site, data will instantly start start syncing across your Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel.

  • Google Analytics granular data
  • Define your own custom reports
  • Share reports with partners

Affiliate Networks

Connect with your favorite affiliate networks in seconds and start syncing your affiliate conversions across your marketing tools.

  • Google Analytics granular data
  • Define your own custom reports
  • Share reports with partners

Traffic Sources

Instantly turn on conversion tracking with your favorite traffic sources, so you can easily optimize your campaigns.

  • Easy as Switch of a button
  • Automatic funnel tracking
  • Automatic traffic source detection

Run your marketing instead
of performing repetitive tasks

One Tag

A single tag to track, attribute and sync conversions from any affiliate networks to any traffic source and analytics platform.

Less is more
  • No coding skills required
  • Yes. In real-time!
  • Instant setup

Unmatched Analytics

Thanks to Google Analytics integration, you can access and analyze your data using the most complete and powerful platform.

Best data sets
  • Google Analytics granular data
  • Define your own custom reports
  • Share reports with partners

Call To Action detection

AnyTrack automatically identifies and tracks any affiliate links on your site and pass `click_id` data according to each link.

Work faster & error free
  • No manual setup of CTAs
  • Promote unlimited nb of offers
  • Works with your current setup

Data Driven Marketing Made Easy


Build retargeting audiences according to real conversion data so you can display the right message, at the right time.

  • Scale your marketing
  • Increase conversions & ROI
  • Target based on conversion type


Simultaneously sync conversion data with Ad Networks, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel so you can optimize instantly.

  • Know what drives conversions
  • Run multi-channel campaigns
  • Gain insights on your traffic

Granular Conversion Data

Instantly gain actionable insights on your content true value, by correlating content and product conversions data.

  • Gain more insights on your traffic
  • Optimize based on product data
  • Discover opportunities

Ask us anything!

It's not magic, but it feels like it!

Yes, as long as your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts are linked.

No problem. The AnyTrack scripts was built to empower marketers that work in multiple channels. The AnyTrack Script automatically detect traffic sources and attribute conversions accordingly.

Yes. Follow the step by step guide. Alternatively, you can submit a request here and we’ll do it for you.

No. We do however provide content that relates directly to the guidelines provided by the integrated ad networks.

First of all, if you run Google Ads, you will need Google Analytics integration. But more importantly, Google Analytics offers the most complete dataset, so you can drill down in your reports as much as you want.

Signup and follow the Steps. It’s a simple copy/paste.

Yes. Contact us for details.

If they have an API, we can always add it to the upcoming integrations. If they don’t, you will be able to track the the outbound clicks only.

Unfortunately, Amazon Associates doesn’t support any tracking methods besides their own.

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