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AnyTrack was built from the ground up to give performance marketers the flexibility and agility required to strive in the fast pace digital industry.

A better and easier way to track and attribute conversions


One Tag

Conversion tracking can be hard to understand, but with AnyTrack, it’s easy. It's a simple but powerful Tag that automatically tracks, attributes and syncs all your conversions across all your marketing tools.

Simple & Powerful

AutoTrack events

AnyTrack automatically tracks events like outbound clicks and forms submissions without writing code. Save time getting the data you need for your marketing & analytics tools.

Work faster & error free

AutoTag & SubId's

AnyTrack automatically tags your offer links and forms, to guarantee a perfect funnel tracking and attribution across your entire marketing tools, channels, affiliate networks and advertisers.

Seamless setup

Use a single TAG to connect your entire marketing ecosystem
and streamline your data flow.


Analytics connection

Connect all your pixels and analytics tools to the same conversion data so you can leverage it across multiple ad networks.


Affiliate Networks

Connect easily with your favorite affiliate networks. In a matter of seconds and without any manual setup, you'll be setup for perfect tracking.


Traffic Sources

Whether you run on Google Ads or Taboola, AnyTrack syncs your entire customer journey so you can optimize for every type of conversions.

Data-Driven Marketing Made REALLY Easy.


Custom Audiences

Build custom audiences according to real conversion data so you can trigger the right ads, to the right audience and at the right time.


Run Smart Campaigns

Because you've accumulated granular audience data, you can run campaigns, simultaneously and across ad networks.


Granular Conversion Data

Instantly gain actionable insights on your content true value, by correlating content and product conversions data.

Ask us anything!

It's not magic, but it feels like it!

You need a website or landing page, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Yes and automatically. Learn how to run an affiliate campaign on Google Ads.

AnyTrack Tag automatically detects traffic sources and attributes conversions accordingly.

Yes. And you can even submit a request to have the integration built for you.

No. We do however provide content that relates directly to the guidelines provided by the integrated ad networks.

No. Unless you think that “copy & paste” of the AnyTrack Tag is technical;)

No. Since AnyTrack is a Redirectless tracking platform, it doesn’t require that the links to your offers be set on the AnyTrack system.  You can either track your links, as provided by your affiliate program, or use a link redirector like Thirsty Affiliates, or even your internal redirect. Learn more about link tracking.

First of all, if you run affiliate campaigns on Google Ads, you will need Google Analytics integration. But more importantly, Google Analytics offers the most complete dataset, so you can drill down in your reports as much as you want.

Signup for a free account and install the AnyTrack code on your site. That’s it!

If they have an API, you can request the integration can always add it to the upcoming integrations. Otherwise, find out if their system has webhooks so they can fire “offline conversions to Zapier“.

Currently Amazon Associates  doesn’t support any tracking methods besides their own. If you’re interested in this integration click here.

No. AnyTrack can only track events and conversions when the TAG is set on a website or landing page.

Redirect-free means that AnyTrack doesn’t provide a redirect URL to track your traffic to a landing page nor it requires that your Call To Action URL’s be set on a specific tracking domain or URL. 

Yes. AnyTrack uses sets first party cookie.

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