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Frequently asked questions

Your free trial starts when you upgrade your account to one of the paid plans. At the end of the free trial (14 days), the payment method set on your account will be charged for the upcoming month.

According to each plan, some of the integrations are not capped. For example, if you are on the personal plan, you can connect any number of Conversion sources to your account.

For Ad Pixels integrations, we apply a Fair Usage Policy to guarantee high performances across all customers. If you’re unsure whether this can apply to you, please contact us.


Absolutely! You don’t need to provide a credit card and it’s 100% free and forever.

The Free plan gives you free access to the platform, but is limited in features and traffic. 

The free trial of any plan will give you access to all the platform features associated to the plan you selected.

No. The free trial last 14 days, which is an industry standard trial period. Setting up AnyTrack takes about 5 minutes, from start to finish, which gives you plenty of time to test various marketing campaigns, traffic sources, or type of funnels.

Depending on which plan you are, you will have the possibility to integrate with one (basic plan) or more ad networks.

Annual plans are billed as a single payment once per year at a discount of 20%. Monthly plans are billed every month.

Each plan comes with a number of websites on which you palce the AnyTrack tag, and that you can connect with your analytics, and ad pixels.

Tracked session counted every time a visitor enters your site, whether it is a returning visitor or a new one. Viewing multiple pages within the same session does not change the number of tracked sessions.

In the billing section, you can see the total number of tracked sessions counted in your billing cycle.

It depends on the plan you chose. For paid plans, you will be billed at the end of each period for the number of sessions you exceeded (the price varies from $0.4-$0.2 per 1,000 sessions according to the selected plan). For free plans, tracking will stop until the beginning of the next peiod.

You can downgrade or cancel your plan at any time to the free plan. In such case, AnyTrack will cap the number of events to 5000 per month and will reset the count at the next billing cycle.

Conversion sources are systems that send conversions to AnyTrack

For example, an affiliate network, an ecommerce platform, a crm or an API.

Ad pixels are tracking tags provided by ad networks – Google Ads, Bing Ads, Taboola – that you connect your Anytrack account with.

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