Voluum & AnyTrack Features Comparison

Best Voluum Alternative

Discover why AnyTrack has become the go to conversion tracking platform for marketers looking for a Voluum Alternative.

Voluum vs anytrack

Conversion Data vs Campaign Data

Complicated software doesn't make for better tracking. Your conversion data platform should be powerful, sure, but also simple and delightful to use.


With AnyTrack whether you promote your site on Google, Facebook or other ad networks, your entire conversion data is automatically synchronized across all pixels and analytics.

✅ Why it matters?

  • Build custom audiences across your entire marketing ecosystem.
  • Retarget your most valuable traffic.
  • Stop wasting budgets on low value traffic.
  • Scale with Lookalike Audiences.


Because Voluum locks you in a single “campaign <-> traffic source” dimension, you can’t leverage your conversion data to create custom audiences on other ad networks.

⛔ What you are missing on?

  • Waste your marketing budget.
  • No multi-channel marketing.
  • Lack of attribution insights.
  • No cross-marketing campaigns.
  • No funnel targeting.

Automation vs Manual work

Set up once, and let the platform work for you.


The AnyTrack Tag is a “plug & play” code that tracks and attributes conversion data from any affiliate networks and automatically syncs all conversions with all your pixels and analytics. 

✅ Why it matters?

  • Instant setup and tracking.
  • Save time with automation features.
  • Aggregate data to get full insights.
  • Launch new campaigns in seconds.


Voluum forces you to continually setup, build, re-build the same flows, campaigns, whether for testing new campaigns or launching new campaigns.

⛔ What you are missing on?

  • Loads of time and resources.
  • More manual work leads to more errors.
  • Data overload.

True Redirectless Tracking

Redirectless tracking is the ability to track your campaign traffic and  conversions without ever having to rely on any redirect links or cookie based redirects.


AnyTrack redirectless tracking feature is truly redirectless. At no point in the traffic flow, is AnyTrack part of the redirect chain. Not at the campaign URL level nor at the Offer Click level.

✅ Why it matters?

  • You keep your ad accounts safe.
  • No click loss or latency.
  • No tracking errors.

How it works for you?

When you add the AnyTrack TAG on your site, it instantly AutoTrack & AutoTag your offer links and forms.

  • One Tag for all your traffics sources.
  • Promote 1 or 1000 offers
  • Perfect for coupon, comparisons sites.


Voluum “redirectless” tracking is nothing else but a cloaking mechanism.
This “premium feature” is probably the #1 reason that caused losses of thousands of ad accounts for circumventing Facebook.

⛔ What you are missing on?

  • Probably a few lost ad accounts
  • Clicks & Conversions
  • Anything resulting from the above.

How you work for it?

You need to go through 30 steps to create a single campaign, and write code to track form submissions.

  • Repeat for each campaigns.
  • Not scalable.
  • High risk of ad account bans.

Full Customer Journey Tracking

Automatically track your entire customer journey, across any funnels, marketing stack and sync your top audience segments across all pixels and analytics.

Is AnyTrack the Best Voluum Alternative?


With AnyTrack, your entire funnel data is automatically tracked and sent to all your pixels and analytics, SIMULTANEOUSLY!

✅ Why it matters.

  • Optimize campaigns by funnel steps.
  • Build lookalike audiences according to advanced actions.
  • Retarget audiences in-funnel.


Voluum sends all your conversions as a single event type, whether it's a CPA, a lead, a sale or a recurring sale.

⛔ What you are missing.

  • Conversions, ROI…
  • Behavioral data.
  • Custom audiences.
  • Advanced lookalike audiences.

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