Conversion tracking, simplified.


Instant integration with e-commerce, ad networks, apps and affiliate networks you use everyday. 

The conversion data platform built for performance marketers.

You can only achieve Data-Driven Marketing capabilities when your conversion data flows across your marketing stack, in real-time. This is what AnyTrack will provide you.

Easy-to-use and intuitive. Yet surprisingly robust and multi-faceted.
AnyTrack is the catalyst that lets you grow and scale whether you’re a beginner, expert, agency, or publisher. No matter your digital marketing specialty.


PPC Campaigns

affiliate tracking for google ads

Google Ads

Affiliate tracking for Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

SEO Content

SEO & Content

Affiliate Tracking for ppc campaigns

Native Ads

Increase the value of each conversion

You know conversions are not born equal.

They can be an Outbound Click, a Form submission, a Registration for a Free Trial, or a recurring Purchase

So how do you make sense of your funnel performances when traditional trackers only track a single conversion type?

That, and they only track conversions back to their original traffic sources preventing you to build custom audiences across your other pixels.

And because you never have the “full picture” of your campaigns and their performance… you’re missing out on your most crucial conversion metrics and optimization opportunities.

That’s without mentioning the time wasted setting up every single tracking parameter, and configuring your pixels, or analytics.

Introducing AnyTrack

A “Plug n’ Play” platform that lets you start tracking and attributing the entire customer journey in 5 minutes or less.

As soon as the AnyTrack TAG is on your site, conversions, engagements and opt-ins are instantly tracked and attributed to your ads and organic traffic.

Your conversion data is forwarded in real-time to Google Analytics,  Facebook Conversion API, and other pixels so you can leverage high intent audience data to optimize and improve your campaigns ROI.

With AnyTrack you can finally see—with unmatched clarity—everything that happens to your traffic and customers across all your funnels. Making optimizing, scaling, and improving your ROI faster and simpler.

Simply add the AnyTrack TAG into your site and discover new insights in minutes.

(No need to change or update your links)

For Google Ads

Make the most out of your Google Ads campaigns, with full conversion data synced - in real time.

For Facebook Ads

"One Click" setup with the Facebook Conversion API allows you to improve conversion attribution and campaigns ROI.

For Native Ads

Quickly improve campaigns ROI by targeting your most profitable audiences.

For Multi Channel Marketing

Advanced campaign strategies that lets you orchestrate your funnels like the pros.

Artificial Intelligence

Now you can feed Google, Facebook AI engines with the data needed to optimize your campaigns for ROAS.


Google Analytics dataset is now complete with conversion data from any sources. Know what content converts,

3 easy steps To get started

The AnyTrack TAG

Open your free account and add the AnyTrack TAG to your funnel or website.

No need to manually adjust your code or tracking parameters—just plug in the tag, that’s all there is to it.

audience building
Turn On Integrations

Easy as a switch of a button, to connect with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and your favorite affiliate and ad networks.

For once, you'll will be able to truly start tracking with one click.

See Conversions

AnyTrack immediately starts tracking and syncing.

All you have to do now is sit back, watch the conversion data roll in, and use it to grow and scale.

It’s not magic. But it sure feels like it.

Ready to turn more visitors into conversions?

Try the most advanced conversion data platform.

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