Today we release a new functionality to give you more control over cross domain tracking capabilities.

Until now, setting up cross-domain tracking required manual changes on your HTML code adding atclid parameters on your outbound links. With the new interface there is no longer need to update your code, and you just need to set the cross domains supported by your property.

What is cross domain tracking?

Cross domain tracking is a way of allowing AnyTrack to track a visitor as a single session on two or more related websites.

For example if your visitors navigate from to and you want to track the journey as a unique session and keep the same user identity.

New cross domain tracking functions:

  • Define one or several domains supported by the cross domain function.
  • Define the conversion events you want to receive from the cross domain properties
  • Enable passing UTM parameters to the cross domain destination.
Screenshot showing the cross domain tracking options and settings in anytrack dashboard.
Cross domain tracking settings

Cross domain tracking use cases:

  • Advertise an advertorial published on domain A from which you promote your shop which is hosted on Domain B.
  • Promote review sites or blogs from your Shopify Store

Learn how to configure cross domain tracking in AnyTrack.