Google Ads Conversion Tracking For Affiliates

What is it, why you need it and how it works

How to track affiliate conversions in google ads

About Google Ads Conversion tracking

What is Google Ads conversion Tracking?

It’s the action of informing your Google Ads account that a user that came from one of your Goolge campaigns did an action that is valuable to your business.

Based on the conversion information that you feed Google with, you can optimize your campaigns, targeted keywords, and adjust your bids.

Data driven campaign

Every aspect of your campaign’s performances is affected by the data created and collected by Google Ads and Google Analytics tag.

The Affiliate's challenge

Because you can’t place your Google Analytics tag  on the offer “thank you” page, Google doesn’t receive the  conversion signals needed to optimize campaigns for ROI.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking for Affiliates

What you'll learn:

This infographic outlines how the data is passing from one touch point to another and back to Google Ads.

When the flow is completed, Google Ads can finally take into consideration the complete data-set and factor the metrics into the marketer's QualityScore.

What you'll achieve:

You will be able to take advantage of all optimization features Google offers to marketers.

Affiliate conversion tracking for google ads
Google Ads Conversion Tracking For Affiliates

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