How AnyTrack Works

learn about AnyTrack standard setup flow

Getting started

How it works in 6 simple steps.

Getting started with AnyTrack is extremely simple and it should take you less than a few minutes to start seeing data coming through your analytics platforms.

Yet, we highly recommend you see how it works first, so you can get started with as little frictions as possible.

The AnyTrack TAG

The AnyTrack TAG instruments key aspects of your website tracking and data collection while simultaneously passing tracking data to your analytics and pixels. 


AnyTrack was built to enable marketers to seamlessly integrate with the analytics, tools and networks they work with every day.

Getting started, Step by step

add a web property to anytrack
Add your site to AnyTrack

Define the site you want to track

To get started, you need to add your site to your AnyTrack account. Your site (we call it a Property) is typically the site that you will promote on Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other ad networks.

Why do you need it?

Once you've added your domain, AnyTrack will generate a unique tracking code which will be tied to the domain. Very much like Google Analytics, the tracking code will allow AnyTrack to track your traffic.
Add your site to AnyTrack
add the anytrack tracking code
Add the AnyTrack TAG

Start Tracking Instantly

Once you've added your site, you will be prompted to add the AnyTrack TAG in the "head" section of your site.
You can either add the TAG in your HTML or through Google Tag Manager.

What does the AnyTrack TAG do?

  • Collects incoming traffic data
  • AutoTag outbound Links & Forms
  • AutoTrack Clicks & Optins
Add the AnyTrack TAG
Conversion Tracking Software
Connect with your Analytics accounts

How AnyTrack integrates with Analytics

One of the platform's core benefits is to enable you to tie your traffic sources, user behavior, content, and conversions in Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

It's fully Automated!!:

  • We set conversion goals
  • Tie Google Analytics ID
  • AutoTrack on-site events
  • Send conversions via API

What you get in return:

  • See your conversion data in Facebook And Google Ads
  • Cross-reference Conversions with Google Analytics dataset
  • Data needed to build custom audiences for remarketing
  • Correlate conversions with user behavior
Connect with your Analytics accounts
The best affiliate programs are integrated in AnyTrack
Integrate with Affiliate Networks

60+ One Click Integrations

AnyTrack is integrated with the most popular affiliate networks, either by Postback URL or via API. When you connect with your affiliate networks, AnyTrack will instantly start tracking conversions such as Leads, CPA, and Purchases.

If you have connected with your analytics accounts, conversions will be automatically sent to Google Analytics and Facebook Conversion API.

Key facts:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Rich data (products, status, currency, and more)
  • Plug & Play set up
  • 60+ networks (More added on a weekly basis)
Integrate with Affiliate Networks
anytrack dashboard
Reporting & Analytics

Check your stats anywhere!

You have now the ability to check your reports across many reporting tools. You can also check individual conversions and events in near real-time through the "event logger".

Reporting tools:

  • AnyTrack dashboard
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Analytics


If you are familiar with webhooks, you can also send your conversion data to third party applications like Google Data Studio, Tableau or any other dashboard application.
Reporting & Analytics
traffic sources integration in anytrack
Traffic Sources Integrations

Conversion & Audience data

AnyTrack is integrated with some of the top ad networks, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, Outbrain, Taboola and Facebook Ads.

Key features:
  • Conversion Tracking & Attribution.
  • Create custom audiences from conversions.
  • Cross network targeting building
  • In-Funnel targeting and tracking.

Traffic Sources Integrations


You won’t believe how fast you’ll start tracking

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What happens if i don't have a Google Analytics account?

AnyTrack can still track and measure your traffic data, but you won’t benefit from Google Analytics audience building tools and advanced reporting.

How long does it take to setup my account?

If you’re really fast and have access to your Google Tag Manager or website source code, it can take a couple of minutes.

Do I need technical skills to do the setup?

No. AnyTrack has been built for marketers and beyond “copy/paste” the tracking code into your site’s HTML and “copy/paste” pre-built conversion postback URL, you don’t have to write a line of code.

Do I need to modify my site or call to action urls to work with AnyTrack?

No, you don’t have to modify your links. You can publish the affiliate links “as is” or use a link cloaker. Yet, we recommend that you properly tag your links so you can make the most out of your traffic data. Read more here

How long does it take to start seeing data in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provide a “real-time” dashboard where you can see events as they happen. For complete data, it takes a few hours for Google Analytics to process it.

How does AnyTrack affect my website?

AnyTrack is a lightweight JavaScript Snippet built with the latest scripting languages, and perfectly aligned with modern browser technologies. It loads asynchronously and has little to no impact on the page load speed.