10 Useful Conversion Tracking Facts

conversion tracking facts

The 10 Conversion tracking facts should be to performance marketers, what a radar is to an aviator! You might be the most talented content writer, a devious funnel marketer, or a PPC superstar, unless you can attribute your conversions to the right channels, keywords, campaigns or subscribers, your creativity won’t be rewarded as it should be.

Conversion tracking done right enable you to:

  • Scale your campaigns
  • Improve your content
  • Fine-tune your funnels’ flow
  • Improve your Funnel Targeting (TOF, MOF, BOF)
  • Adjust your PPC bids: Manually or Automatically
  • Leverage Google and Facebook Artificial Intelligence…
  • Apply your secret sauce…

I’ve formatted this post into a timeline that walks you through the conversion tracking steps, so that you can fully grasp the importance of each data point.

10 Conversion tracking facts to remember!

Conversion tracking facts takeaways:

Because conversion tracking is such a complex topic, dozens of conversion tracking platforms are fighting to get you on board. You are being promised Artificial Intelligence, automation, algorithmic optimization, and perhaps even a cool t-shirt if you sign up for their service!

If that wasn’t enough, the most popular marketing blogs often tell you that you just need Google Analytics to track your conversions.

True, Google Analytics is an incredible platform, but it’s so vast and full of features that even the top marketers are often overwhelmed, and eventually overlook its true power.

And yet, most conversion tracking platforms omit the little tiny details surrounding user-level attribution, and how it can impact your campaigns.

Here is what you can do next:

  1. If you’re promoting a website or funnel through several traffic sources, you should not overlook the power of cross network audience building.
  2. If you’re promoting an ecommerce store, you want to be 100% accurate when it comes to controlling your last click attribution.
  3. When you run a lead generation campaign, your ability to leverage each step of your funnel to build custom and lookalike audiences will supercharge your campaign targeting.

Laurent Malka

Laurent Malka is the Co-Founder of Anytrack. He was born and raised in Switzerland, and now lives and works in Israel. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in marketing and business development. Laurent has been a panelist and speaker at numerous digital marketing events including SEMrush and IG Affiliates. He prides himself on his ability to connect the dots across disciplines, industries, and technologies to solve unique challenges.

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