When Neil Patel writes about advanced affiliate marketing strategies, he usually comes up with very interesting insights. If you’re not familiar with him, he is probably one of the most famous digital marketers, founder, investor, and blogger. Most of us come across his posts, tweets, or youtube videos on a regular basis.

Some people like him, some people think he is overrated (I still can’t figure out why), but one thing is clear: Everytime you swing by his blog, you’ll learn something new, regardless if you’re new to the digital marketing tradecraft, or you’ve been around the block a couple of times.

Why I am talking about Neil Patel?

Simply because it’s been such an honor, and surprise to discover that AnyTrack had been featured on his latest posts about Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies!

Being listed as one of the top tools alongside platforms like PrettyLinks and Cake, while AnyTrack has only been around for a bit more than 12 month, is a huge vote of confidence that would make any founder proud!

Top reasons anytrack is on neil patel' blog
Source Neil Patel Blog: Advanced affiliate marketing software and tools.

What are Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies?

Once you read Neil’s post, you realize that the strategies he outlined, mostly relate to audience targeting.

If you really want to profit from affiliate marketing, you’ll have to put some thought and strategy into it.

Neil Patel

To step into advanced affiliate marketing strategies, you don’t have a choice but understanding your audience(s). Because Audience insights will give you intelligent data points that will enable you to serve content that your readers will actually want to read, tailor your product reviews that will drive sales, and perhaps even discover and take on new niches.

But that’s not all. By mapping your audience, you will be able to provide the right geo-targeted links so that your Canadian visitors don’t land on the Amazon UK landing page.

Bottom line, the better you’ll get your audience, the better your bank account will look at the end of the month.

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Tools

If you’re looking to step up your affiliate marketing game, advanced affiliate marketing tools can help you speed things up and get better results.

Neil Patel

To implement advanced affiliate marketing strategies, you need to gear up with the right affiliate marketing tools. Yet, tools like Google Analytics, or Facebook Pixel were not built with what I call: The Affiliate Marketer’s perspective.

But today, these powerful tools that are not traditionally used by affiliate marketers, can be fully leveraged through the native API integration available in the AnyTrack platform.

Let me give you some context:

Traditional marketers use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to track their audiences across their marketing and sales funnels. They have the ability to “tag”, target, and retarget their audiences, wherever they are in the funnel. More importantly, they have access to aggregated data giving them deep insights about their customers, or potential customers.

Affiliate marketers might be fighting for the same traffic, and promoting similar products, but since they can only place their Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tags on their own site (and not on the merchant or affiliate network’s platform), they lose the most important insights: The Bottom of the funnel.

With AnyTrack, affiliate marketers can now fully sync their conversions, and sales from affiliate networks like ClickBank or CJ Affiliates, with their Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

As an affiliate marketer, now you can fully leverage your audience data to build custom audiences, find high intent customers, and create lookalike audiences based on true conversions.

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies

While Neil Patel outlined great advanced strategies, here are a few posts that will give you some ideas of what you can do with the right data:


  • Affiliate marketing is an ever growing sector of the digital marketing industry.
  • Today more than ever, affiliates play a key role in the buyer’s journey.
  • As an affiliate marketer, you can capture your audience intent, and catch your share of the buyer’s journey.
  • To achieve true data driven marketing, you need to gear up with the right affiliate marketing tools that allow you to connect your audience with your revenue streams.

Here is to your next step into your data-driven marketing journey!