From now on, you can access your Facebook Ads reporting directly in AnyTrack!

From Campaign reports to the ad level report, you can see your ad performances, conversions, and ROAS, whether the conversions have been reported in Facebook Ads manager, or not.

💡 What problems does the Facebook Ads reporting address?

Since the released of iOS 14 and the tracking restrictions, Facebook advertisers face 3 major challenges:

  1. Drop in attributed conversions – which prevents ad optimization.
  2. Attribution window down from 28 to 7 days – Which prevents you from seeing a complete ROAS.
  3. Up to 72 hours in attributed conversion delays – which prevents you from making timely decisions.

How does the Facebook Ads reporting work?

While AnyTrack tracks and sends your conversions to the Facebook Conversion API in real time, Facebook may report the conversions with up to 72 hours delay. To address this critical time delay, AnyTrack will fetch your Facebook Ads campaign data (including campaign costs), and consolidate the AnyTrack conversion report and the Facebook Ads report.