Integrating an affiliate network can be a daunting process. What parameters do you add to the offer links, what parameters do you add to the postback URLs? Which protocols are supported by a network versus an other?

Eventually finding the right information, and ensuring it’s up to date can be a very time consuming task.

Since the early days of AnyTrack, we’ve invested lots of resources into the Affiliate Networks Catalog so that our users can focus on sending you valuable traffic, rather than open support tickets to figure out how to create a postback URL.

AnyTrack helps marketers track conversion data from over 30 affiliate networks and send their data to Google Analytics and other tools. With the Affiliate Networks catalog, it’s simpler than ever to browse and integrate your favorite affiliate networks and start making sense of your campaign’s performances.

The affiliate networks catalog lets users discover integrations, and learn how to connect their account to anytrack.
AnyTrack Affiliate Networks Catalog

What are the advantages of being in the Affiliate Networks Catalog?

There are a number of reasons you want to be in the Affiliate Network Catalog. As an affiliate manager, you might see first the branding aspect of the catalog. But if you dig a little deeper, you quickly realize that the less obvious reasons are the most powerful.

Your affiliate marketers SUCCESS!

When you manage a pool of affiliates, your goal is to make your “portfolio” grow. Your affiliate management console, whether it’s Hasoffers, Partnerize or Impact, will give you tons of valuable data. However, your affiliates will only see a portion of this data.

Still, if you are familiar with data driven marketing concepts, you know that the more data you give to affiliates, the better they will run and optimize their campaigns.

How do you empower your affiliates with valuable data?

First, let’s have a look at how affiliates access their conversion data. Then we’ll finally figure out how your affiliate network can benefit from being in the affiliate networks’ catalog.

What are the 3 ways affiliate marketers access their conversion data:

The Affiliate Networks Dashboard:

All affiliate programs provide their members with an access to a dashboard. It’s where affiliate marketers check theirs stats, pull their links, add their postback URLs or check their payment status.

The impact affiliate network dashboard provides granular and visual data to their members.
Impact Affiliate Network Dashboard

While affiliate dashboards provides very granular data, since it’s not directly connected with the affiliate web analytics (aka: Google Analytics), it’s impossible to precisely attribute conversions and revenues to the initial touch point.

Affiliate Networks API

Most affiliate networks provide have an API which lets affiliates pull their data programmatically. When you are a programmer developing on top of an API should not be a problem, but it’s time consuming and requires constant maintenance. Yet, this is an option that some affiliates will find valuable as it provides great flexibility.

Postback URL a.k.a server to server tracking

Postback URL is a URL that you place in your affiliate account. When a conversion is tracked, the affiliate program calls the postback URL and attach the conversion data.
The Postback URL in-depth guide and review.

As opposed to an API from which you fetch data on a regular basis, a postback URL is used to notify you when a conversion happens.

For most marketers, this will be the preferred method to access data, since it’s real time and comes straight from the affiliate program back end.

How are affiliate networks integrated in AnyTrack?

While we prefer certain methods over others, we have integrated networks using both the API and postback URL.

Postback URL method

We prefer integrating with the Postback URL method. It’s real time, low maintenance and it’s simple to setup and validate.

Postback URL setup

To simplify the setup process, Anytrack users get a pre-built postback URL that is tailored to suit the the affiliate network the user is setting up.. Once the affiliate has placed its Postback URL in the affiliate network console, conversions will be sent automatically to AnyTrack.{aff_click_id}&offer_id={offer_id}&offer_name={offer_name}&offer_ref={offer_ref}&goal_id={goal_id}&affiliate_id={affiliate_id}&affiliate_name={affiliate_name}&affiliate_ref={affiliate_ref}&source={source}&aff_sub={aff_sub}&aff_sub2={aff_sub2}&aff_sub3={aff_sub3}&aff_sub4={aff_sub4}&aff_sub5={aff_sub5}&aff_unique1={aff_unique1}&aff_unique2={aff_unique2}&aff_unique3={aff_unique3}&aff_unique4={aff_unique4}&aff_unique5={aff_unique5}&offer_url_id={offer_url_id}&offer_file_id={offer_file_id}&file_name={file_name}&advertiser_id={advertiser_id}&advertiser_ref={advertiser_ref}&adv_sub={adv_sub}&transaction_id={transaction_id}&sale_amount={sale_amount}&currency={currency}&payout={payout}&device_id={device_id}&session_ip={session_ip}&ip={ip}&datetime={datetime}

API integration setup

This setup is a little bit different, but found to be even easier. The affiliate will get its API token from its affiliate account, and add it to its AnyTrack dashboard. Once the API connection is validated, AnyTrack servers will fetch the conversion data on a regular basis and sync it with the user account.

The step by step guide found in the anytrack platform to integrate the cj affiliates account.
CJ Affiliates API Integration

Empower your affiliates with valuable data.

As mentioned earlier, data driven marketing is what we should all try to achieve. Whether as an affiliate manager, an affiliate marketer or a software provider.

But since affiliates can’t add their Google Analytics code on offer “thank you pages”, they miss out on vital conversion data, especially if they run campaigns on Google Ads.

When using AnyTrack, affiliates can easily overcome this barrier, by automatically syncing their conversion data from your affiliate program into their most important analytics tools.

When your network is integrated in AnyTrack, you provide your affiliates with the conversion data, that will help them optimize their campaigns and provide you with the most valuable traffic.

Key takeaways:

As an affiliate network, being integrated in the AnyTrack Catalog provides you with plenty of benefits:

  1. Branding on the AnyTrack catalog, blog and social media channels
  2. Get traffic from smart marketers
  3. Provide data driven marketing capabilities to your affiliates
  4. Your affiliates will send you better quality traffic
  5. Reduce tech support request for integration

Did I mention that our team is taking care of the integration?