The Affiliate Networks Catalog

Affiliate Networks Catalog

Integrating an affiliate network can be a daunting process. What parameters do you add to the offer links, what parameters do you add to the postback URLs? Which protocols are supported by a network versus an other? Eventually finding the right information, and ensuring it’s up to date can be a very time consuming task. […]

What are webhooks?

What are webhooks?

You probably noticed the term webhooks in apps like Mailchimp, Drip or Active Campaigns and wondered how and if you should use them? Maybe you even checked a little deeper into Drip webhook settings and got scared by the “HTTP POST” and “serialized JSON”? As a marketer, this is where you probably stop and move […]

Conversion Tracking: Complexity or Complication? conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is the most important measurement that helps digital marketer optimize their campaigns. This post will help you understand the tracking challenges and solve them with a single line of code!

Google Ads conversion tracking for affiliates

Google Ads affiliate tracking

Tracking affiliate conversions in Google Ads is a huge challenge for affiliate marketers. This post will show you how to track affiliate conversions in google ads without adding a google ads tracking code or google analytics.