Why and how we updated AnyTrack pricing.

anytrack pricing

It’s been about 6 months since AnyTrack platform is up and running, and it’s time to make some pricing adjustments. Don’t worry tough. You’re going to pay less and get more.

How to track offline conversions using Zapier

track offline conversions with zapier

When your advertiser or merchant doesn’t support any form of postback tracking, your last option is to import manually the conversions into your marketing system. AnyTrack lets you use Zapier in order to automate offline conversion tracking.

The Affiliate Networks Catalog

Affiliate Networks Catalog

Integrating an affiliate network can be a daunting process. What parameters do you add to the offer links, what parameters do you add to the postback URLs? Which protocols are supported by a network versus an other? Eventually finding the right information, and ensuring it’s up to date can be a very time consuming task. […]

What are webhooks?

What are webhooks?

Webhooks are notifications that applications like Mailchimp, can post to an URL. These notifications carry data, which you can then import into other applications.

Conversion Tracking: Complexity or Complication?

AnyTrack.io conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is the most important measurement that helps digital marketer optimize their campaigns. This post will help you understand the tracking challenges and solve them with a single line of code!

Google Ads Conversion Tracking For Affiliates

google ads convesion tracking for affilaites

Google Ads tracking for affiliates is a huge challenge for affiliate marketers. This post will show you how to track affiliate conversions in google ads without adding the google ads tracking code or google analytics on the offer thank you page.