As we announced a couple of weeks ago, AnyTrack went through a major update last week. This update was necessary to allow additional features we wanted to introduce, such as reporting, standardized events and a new tracking method.

Good news! The release went through with nearly zero incident.

While this release was mostly about the data infrastructure which is invisible to you, it has allowed us to implement new features that you can already experience through the platform.

Above all, it has allowed us to launch the link discovery tool which will guarantee a zero setup.

Near real-time dashboard

New features we shipped in september 2020!
AnyTrack Dashboard

The platform’s dashboard is now updating in near real-time so you can check the status of you campaigns’ performances as they are being delivered.

Of course, we still recommend Google Analytics as the core repository of your data since it holds demographics and audience data.


The new reports section provides more granular data which you an query according to any conversion type, network or specific Click ID.

This is the foundation of a reporting suite we will release in the coming weeks. So stay tuned!

Event names

We have standardized the Event Names across the platform to align with other analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

  • Page View
  • Outbound Click
  • Form Submit
  • Lead
  • Completed Registration
  • Purchase

Our standard events are mapped to standard events you can find in each integrated pixel.

We’ve removed the “install” event which will now be mapped to “completed registration”.

The Conversion Event Flow

Until now, each event type followed an internal & strict logic.

Visit -> Engagement -> Conversion

Meaning: A conversion cannot be triggered if no engagement had been triggered first.

For example, a conversion triggered by an affiliate network could not be recorded unless an engagement event was first triggered. While this logic holds in most tracking flows, we have identified cases where the engagement event could not be triggered.

Cases where the opt-in trigger could not be captured because it was triggered within a third party javascript.

Now, any click_id generated by AnyTrack can trigger a conversion, whether an engagement was first triggered or not.

This new feature will also allow you to trigger post view attributions.


We’ve introduced a new webhook structure V 1.0, which provides a simpler and more useful payload.

If you’re using the version V 0.0 and would like to switch to the V 1.0 version, don’t forget to update your end points as we have changed some parameters.

Learn about webhooks and how they can help you get more out of your marketing.

New features

Subid embed

Some affiliate networks or link destinations have have one single subid parameter. That’s the case for CJ Affiliates sid. It can be very limiting if you want to pass multiple values into the custom parameter.

Because the subid is the key used to track the conversions, AnyTrack MUST override any existing value set in the sid parameter.

We understand that this can be a major problem since you might be using this parameter for internal use.

Now, if you have a subid parameter, we are going to append an extra parameter to the parameter you are currently passing.

For example, if you have:

We will append our click_id to the current parameter, without overriding it.

Naturally, when conversions are being sent to AnyTrack through Postback URLs or via API, we will parse it accordingly.

The Most Useful Pain Killer of all times!

We like to say:

One line of code to track and attribute all your conversions!

This is 100% true when you publish your affiliate links on your site, as AnyTrack redirectless tracking method will AutoTag and AutoTag the links.

But if you use a redirect Plugin like Pretty Links, you still need to set a link attribute to “indicate” which affiliate network is associated the destination URL.

Not anymore!

Now, anytrack will “AutoScan” your links and discover the affiliate networks they belong to.

How cool is that?

What’s next?

It’s really up to you to decide!

Whether integrations, new tracking methods or attribution models, we are fully dedicated to make your data driven journey as insightful and « friction-free » as possible!

Not yet using AnyTrack? Come check out the platform for free and see how easy it is to achieve true data driven marketing!